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Margot Stinton

Hello and welcome to my webpage which, provides a context for the current and earlier paintings, with some background information or narrative.

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Diane Rogers

Original hand painted / printed /quilted/embroidered silk textile art.

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Emma Cownie

I was born in Hereford to a Welsh mother and English father and I have lived in several different English and Welsh towns during my life. I studied for a degree and PhD in Medieval History at Cardiff University in the 1980s and 1990s and I have lived and worked in Swansea since 1998. I have been a full-time professional artist since 2013.

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karl terry

En Plein Air Paintings

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Virach Charoenpanich & Porntip

Bronze sculptures, modern bronze sculptures, semi-abstract bronze sculptures, contemporary bronze sculptures, modern horse sculptures

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Stephanie Parker

Designer and Illustrator

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Rita Linney

Yorkshire born, now living in Ireland, I am inspired by the west coast and the Atlantic ocean. I am creating new works continuously. Most of my paintings are available as prints on linen card, the images being the same size as the original paintings. Prints are €15 each plus €6.50 post and package

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Wendy Hyde

I am based in the West Midlands area, and my work is Abstract Expressionist

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Heraldic Artist and Calligrapher, painting heraldic arms in colour or as requested. I accept commissions for heraldry or calligraphy works and am happy to discuss projects beforehand, including for the enquiries for handpainted illuminated initial letters on watercolour paper, ordered for custom wedding or birthday gifts. I also have a selection of 6 x 6"printed heraldic animal cards and 6 x 4" calligraphy message cards. I am happy to discuss any enquiries for possible commissions from anyone interested in any aspect of my work.

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mark h wilson

Contemporary landscape and cityscape paintings

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frances doherty

thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers

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Michele Wallington

Versatile artist working in various media.

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Natasha Holland-Zachariah

figurative paintings, portraits, humorous paintings, biblical paintings

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Denise M Fraser

I am a painter and textile artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Drawing and Painting. I enjoy wild landscapes, texture and colour.

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Liane Stevenson

colourful collage,charcoal drawings,commissions.

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