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Richard Whadcock

Richard is a Brighton based landscape painter using the South Downs for the starting point for many of his atmospheric landscapes.

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Emma Cownie

I was born in Hereford to a Welsh mother and English father and I have lived in several different English and Welsh towns during my life. I studied for a degree and PhD in Medieval History at Cardiff University in the 1980s and 1990s and I have lived and worked in Swansea since 1998. I have been a full-time professional artist since 2013.

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thomas-john jarratt

Representational, angst-free, picture making.

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Diane Rogers

Original hand painted / printed /quilted/embroidered silk textile art.

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Denise M Fraser

I am a painter and textile artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art, specialising in Drawing and Painting. I enjoy wild landscapes, texture and colour.

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Rita Linney

Yorkshire born, now living in Ireland, I am inspired by the west coast and the Atlantic ocean. I am creating new works continuously. Most of my paintings are available as prints card, the images are 12" x 10" Prints are €10 each plus €6.50 post and package. They are signed and numbered.

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Michele Wallington

Versatile artist working in various media.

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Sheila Marlborough

I paint semi-abstract landscapes and still life in acrylics or mixed media.on canvas. Colour, texture and shapes are my main interest.

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Wendy Hyde

I am based in the West Midlands area, and my work is Abstract Expressionist

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mark h wilson

Contemporary landscape and cityscape paintings

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Margot Stinton

Hello and welcome to my webpage which, provides a context for the current and earlier paintings, with some background information or narrative.

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Evi Gstottner

Children's Book Illustrations

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Rupert Aker

I am a landscape painter, working mainly in oils, based in the Cotswold Hills in England. I am inspired by the light and the land of the countryside that surrounds me.

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frances doherty

thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers

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Liane Stevenson

colourful collage,charcoal drawings,commissions.

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