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Tania Rutland

Tania Rutland specialises in contemporary abstract landscapes of Sussex and the South Downs countryside.

77作品 | 会員, 9 年前からa

frances doherty

thrown and handbuilt sculpture based on seedpods, plants and flowers

110作品 | 会員, 11 年前からa

emma wood

Wildlife drawings and paintings, scientific illustrations and realistic childrens book illustrations

90作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

mo welch

figurative textured acrylic / mixed media paintings

197作品 | 会員, 9 年前からa

Maria McCabe

Pet portraits in coloured pencils.

12作品 | 会員, 9 年前からa

Richard Whadcock

Richard is a Brighton based landscape painter using the South Downs for the starting point for many of his atmospheric landscapes.

398作品 | 会員, 9 年前からa

Ricardo Trigos

Paintings with acrylic colors on canvas

225作品 | 会員, 9 年前からa

rue asher

contemporary watercolour and ink paintings of inbetween places and converging spaces

265作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

mary stubberfield

Paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, greece, seaside and cats.

374作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

clare schmidt-norris

Contemporary mixed media paintings.

91作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

Alexander MacFaul

Contemporary Cityscapes and landscapes inspired by light and movement

94作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa


Prints, Paintings, Dolls

228作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

Michael Rafferty

eclectic mix of working methods, content and subject, scale, media, presentation, appropriation and referentialism

359作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

Diane Rogers

Original hand painted / printed /quilted/embroidered silk textile art. Acrylic paintings on canvas. sold

262作品 | 会員, 10 年前からa

Chris Pendleton

I paint and draw mostly British wildlife

269作品 | 会員, 11 年前からa